Thursday, March 31, 2016

polioce jet

Description: I'm a police jet.I'm going around a world and i have a camera under my jet one day i will come back to the police station pack.I'm coming out of the police station and I have lunch.I'm going to rescue people.My camera can see very far away like a 100km. I can see people going to steal a treasure. I rescue the people who got hurt.When I finishrescueing the people. I can see a tree is on fire. I call the police station to take a helicopter and take some a water come and rescue a tree and a house.The bucket of water in roped on fires.People tried to put the fires out with water from the swimming pool.
Feedback: I like how you told everyone who you are and what you are doing :Edward 
Feedforward: maybe explained a bit more on maybe what you are eating  :Edward 
Evaluation: thank you for feedback and feedforward . Next time I could put the colour in my picture.

Methat klaysua

Hello my name is Rap Beer 
Today I go to the beach and I see my friends play in the water and I go and play with my friends.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Family tree

Description:because I'm do the kapa hapa and we have to do it.
Feedfoward:next time you should decorate it a bit more
Feedback: I think that methat did well at showing his family in the whakapapa.
Evaluation:good job Bridget 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

te reo - whakapa

this week i made a family tree because i'm in kape hake people did not make family trees  so b

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Use your own map scale to problem solve. You will need to calculate carefully.

How many m / kms from Shelly Beach to Sullivan’s Cove?

      2.How many m / kms from Shipwreck Reef to Jack’s Cave?

      3. How many m / kms from the Swamp to Blue Lake?

If you did a return trip starting at Peter’s Hut and walking to Mount Discovery and back, how far would you have walked?

What  is the distance around your whole island?

Work with a learning partner:
Make up 2 of your own questions for your partner to solve using your map and scale. Try and make them challenging for your partner. Think about a little journey they could take on your island. 

Compare the size of your island to your buddies island. Which island is the largest and by how much?

Compare the size of your island to a real island like Samoa. Work out the difference in size between your island and the one you chose to compare it to.

Extra challenge...
I wonder how long it would take you to walk around your island if you were walking at a pace of 6km per hour?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Your one word

My one word is practise. I tried to put lots of colour into my word. 
I had to practise it in my book first. If I didn't practise my picture would not look good.

Feedback/ Feedforward
I like how you used lots of different colours because it stands out.
Next time maybe outline your letters in vivid.

Evaluation:I think I had to practise again because my picture was not too good! Next time I will use a ruler for my letters.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Camp Diary.

Last week we went camping. We did 10 challenging activities. When I did activities I loved it. 

Feedback:I'm glad you enjoyed the challenges at camp
Feedforward: try and add a bit more information to your description next time.