Monday, July 4, 2016


Description: On Monday afternoon we go to the hole and we have to sing the song and dance in moire.

This term the year 6's from Poutama and Poutokomanua are all learning Japanese with Kelly every Thursday. In two weeks time we are going on a bus to IPU to learn a bit more about the Japanese culture. I have already learnt so much like how to spell my name and how to say 1 through to 10 but most of all I can say my name in a sentence all in Japanese. I feel that  learning a new language is quiet hard because I have never tried learning Japanese so I had know idea when I first started. I found myself stuck in the learning pit learning how to introduce myself because I had to memories the whole sentence in one afternoon.I have had so much fun this term learning Japanese but sadly we are finishing up in two weeks. I have so much fun sharing my Japanese learning with you, I hope you enjoy.

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